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  Uptake of quantum dots into a freshwater flatworm: intracellular accumulation and transmission from parents to offspring
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  Graphene-based semiconductor nanocomposites for photocatalytic applications
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  Photochemical immobilization of nanoparticles and graphene
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Volume 4, Issue 4, October 30, 2014
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  1. Low temperature MOCVD growth of high density and defect-free InAs quantum dots on (100) p-GaAs substrates for non-volatile flash memory applications
  J. Nanosci. Lett. 2014, 4: 26
  Sk Masiul Islam, Pranab Biswas, P. Banerji, Rabibrata Mukherjee
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  2. Selective oxidation of styrene using H2O2 as oxidant over silver nanoparticles supported on tungsten oxide nanorod catalyst
  J. Nanosci. Lett. 2014, 4: 27
  Shilpi Ghosh, Shankha Shubhra Acharyya, L. N. Sivakumar Konathala, Rajaram Bal
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  3. CuCr2O4 spinel nanoparticles: An efficient catalyst for the liquid phase oxidation of cyclohexene using H2O2 as oxidant
  J. Nanosci. Lett. 2014, 4: 28
  Shankha Shubhra Acharyya, Shilpi Ghosh, Astha Shukla, Deependra Tripathi, Rajaram Bal
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  4. Structural and optical properties of nanostructured a-SiC thin films by pulsed laser deposition at different substrate temperatures
  J. Nanosci. Lett. 2014, 4: 29
  Partha P. Dey, Alika Khare
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  5. Investigation of surface plasmon resonance using differential phase jump analysis at metal-dielectric interface
  J. Nanosci. Lett. 2014, 4: 31
  Sharmila Ghosh, Mina Ray
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  6. Anomalous Rabi oscillations of AB and ABC- stacked graphene
  J. Nanosci. Lett. 2014, 4: 32
  Vipin Kumar, Enamullah, Upendra Kumar, Girish S. Setlur
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  7. Controlled fabrication of graphene - ZnO nanorod, nanowire and nanoribbon hybrid nanostructures
  J. Nanosci. Lett. 2014, 4: 34
  Ravi. K. Biroju, P. K. Giri
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  8. Synthesis of isotropic PbS nanoparticles from the single precursor, highly coordinative lead complex of S-methyl dithiocarbazate, [Pb{S=C(SCH3)NHNH2}(NO3)2]
  J. Nanosci. Lett. 2014, 4: 35
  Gopinath Mondal, Ananyakumari Santra, Sang Il Seok, Pulakesh Bera
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