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  Sci. Lett. J. 2012, 1: 5  
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Optimization of the parameters of elaboration of the quaternary chalcopyrite CuInGaSe2 for photovoltaic applications  
  M. Mezghache, O. Benhalima, F. Chouia, B. Hadjoudja, B. Chouial, A. Chibani  
Laboratoire des semi-conducteurs, Département de physique, Université Badji Mokhtar, Annaba, Algéria
  Researches on solar cells based on chalcopyrite structure materials have shown a major interest in photovoltaic conversion. They are carried out at low cost with the efficiency of more than 20%. These materials have the power of absorption much more than that of silicon. The result is a less quantity of useful material, and a significant reduction in manufacturing costs. This work is entered in the framework of the elaboration and the study of the quaternary CuInGaSe2 compound for the purpose of its deposit as an absorbent layer in the preparation of the solar cells. The elaboration parameters have been optimized; these parameters consist essentially of temperature and steps duration of heating, melting, crystallization and cooling. A scanning electron microscopy (SEM) associated to an energy dispersive spectrometry (EDS) was used to execute a quantitative study of the chemical elements of the CuInGaSe2 compound obtained after optimization of the elaboration parameters. This study has shown that this compound presents a good stoichiometry. The analyses by X-ray diffraction have enabled us to study the crystalline structure of the elaborated quaternary compound and determine the different planes of crystallization. The preferred orientation following the plane (112) has been obtained. From the X-rays spectrum, we have calculated the lattice parameters a and c, the ratio c/a has been found close to 2. These analyses have shown that the obtained CuInGaSe2 compound is polycrystalline and has a chalcopyrite structure.  
  CuInGaSe2; Chalcopyrite structure; Crystal growth; Parameters optimization; Solar cells  
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