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  Sci. Lett. J. 2016, 5: 233  
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Growth and characterization on Copper Mercury Thiocyanate (CMT) single crystals grown in silica gel medium  
  T. Sivanandan, S. Kalainathan  
Centre for Crystal Growth, VIT University, Vellore - 632014, India
  Single crystals of Copper Mercury Thiocyanate of good quality have been grown in silica gel medium using gel technique. The lattice parameters of the grown crystal were confirmed by SXRD and are in good agreement with the JCPDS file (#18-0451). The functional groups were identified by FTIR spectral analysis. The dielectric properties of the Copper Mercury Thiocyanate crystal show that the dielectric constant and dielectric loss decrease with increase of frequency at various temperatures. Further the valence electron, plasma energy and electronic polarization for the gel grown crystal were calculated. Thermal stability of the grown crystal was investigated by thermogravimetric and differential thermal analyses.  
  Gel growth; pH; Thermal; Photoconductivity; Dielectrics  
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