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  Sci. Lett. J. 2016, 5: 226  
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Soret fluorescence involved in Caryophyllales plants ultraviolet protection  
  Jacinto Sáa,b, Mariia V. Pavliuka, Ahmed M. El-Zohrya, Daniel L. A. Fernandesa, Jens Föhlingera, Emad Mukhtara  
a Department of Chemistry, Ångström Laboratory, Uppsala University, Sweden
b Institute of Physical Chemistry, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, Poland

  Accumulation of betacyanins pigments in plants leaves of the Caryophyllales order upon ultraviolet irradiation has been observed for reasons not fully understood. The results presented herein suggest that this is a self-regulated defence mechanism against ultraviolet-induced damage. Betanin (the main accumulated pigment) protection mechanism involves to the fast dissipation of ultraviolet radiation energy via a radiative process from a S2 state to a ground state (S0), as confirmed by fluorescence measurements. This rare photo-physical decay mechanism provides clues for Caryophyllales plants unique evolutionary adaptation, and opens prospects for the development of novel and bio-inspired ultraviolet protecting agents.  
  Caryophyllales order; UV-protection mechanism; Soret fluorescence; Unique evolutionary adaptation  
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